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We specialise in providing top-tier Wifi iPad rental solutions to meet all your event and business needs. Our mission is to simplify unintrupted technology integration into your events, making connectivity and engagement effortless.  

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iPad Stand Rentals with iPad Hire

Introducing iPad Hire, your solution for event iPad stand hire in the UK. We empathize with the challenges event organisers face while striving to ensure optimal engagement.At iPad Hire,we offers a hassle-free, cost-effective, and efficient solution by providing top-quality iPad stands for rent. Our service alleviates the financial burden of purchasing stands outright and eliminates the necessity for storage and maintenance. We ensure that your event is furnished with the ideal iPad stands, enabling you to focus on creating a remarkable and engaging experience for your attendees. Place your trust iPad Hire to optimise your event with our reliable iPad stands rental services. 


Secure your ipads

Rent iPad Stands and Security For Your Events

Enhance the professionalism and security of your events with iPad Hire. Our comprehensive service not only provide top-of-the-line iPad stands but also place a high priority on  the safety and protection of your devices. When you choose iPad Hire, you’re investing in more than just quality stands – you’re investing in peace of mind. Our security measures ensure that your iPads remain pristine throughout your event, minimising risks and maximising efficiency. Elevate your event with a seamless blend of style, functionality, and safety. Rent iPad stands and secures your event’s success with iPad Hire.  

Rent iPad Stands
iPad Stand

iPad Stand for Events in the UK

Our iPad stands are meticulously designed to blend functionality and style, providing a sophisticated display for your iPads.  

Hackler Stand

Hackler Stand

  • A display stand that can be used to hold all iPads except Pros and MInis
  • Can be secured down through an adhesive pad or via solid fixing

White Moon Base Stand

White MoonBase Stand

  • A display stand for your tablet that can be mounted on a desk.
  • Compatible for all iPads except Pros and Minis

Space 360 Stand

Space 360 Stand

  • High-grade aluminium enclosure
  • Conceals charging cable
  • Quick lock and unlock keyed
  • Unlimited tilt for versatile viewing
  • Rotate between orientation models
  • Mount it to any counter

iPad Floor Stand Rental

iPad Floor Stand Rental

  • Lockable
  • Can create a compelling information kiosk or product display.
  • Durable steel flour stand can be safely mounted on the ground.
  • Available in black and white.

Branded ipad stand

Branded iPad Stand

  • iPad stands can be branded to fit in with your event theme. Uses include
  • Event check-in/ registration
  • Exhibitions
  • Event App and software
  • Trade show etc.

Branded iPad Stand

Black Tripod Stand

  • Extendible to three heights and can hold iPads still in all positions.
  • Used mainly for filming from iPads

iPad Wall Mount

iPad Wall Mount

  • Space saving solution
  • Professional lock and feel
  • Can be secured on Walls

Foldable iPad Stand

Foldable iPad Stand

  • A versatile desktop iPad stand
  • Made from durable and lightweight metal
  • Sleek and stylish

Kingston lock

Kingston lock

  • Allows you to securely attach products such as iPads, Desktop stands, or MoonBase stands to a fixed object.
  • Attachable without having to drill into the desk.

Ready To Elevate Your Event?

Contact iPad Hire today and make a lasting impression with our premium iPad stand rentals. Explore our options and request a quote to take your event to the next level! 

Hire ipad kiosk

iPad Kiosk Rental - Engage, Display, Impress

Transform your event into an engaging and interactive experience with our iPad kiosk rentals. At iPad Hire, we surpass the ordinary stand rentals by providing sophisticated kiosks designed to captivate your audience and amplify your message. Our sleek and user-friendly event kiosk rental provides the perfect platform to showcase your content, products, or services, ensuring a lasting impression on your attendees.  

Elevate your event, engage your audience, and leave a lasting mark with iPad kiosks stands rental. Let’s make your event an engaging success story! 

Field Drive Kiosk

Field Drive Kiosk

  • he unit fits in a compact flight case and can be set up in less than 3 minutes
  • Can operate independently from an internet connection and can continue to print badges when the connection is interrupted
  • The kiosk can also be branded with your own custom designs.

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Why Choose Us

As a leading event technology solutions provider, iPad Hire offers an extensive equipment lineup of iPad stand hire to fulfil all customer requirements. Our vast inventory of iPad stand rental features top brands, ensuring the ideal solution for any event.  

Our commitment extends to 24/7 technical and customer support, spanning consultation, installation, on-site assistance, and equipment retrieval, guaranteeing a flawless event experience. 

24-7 technical-support

24/7 Technical-Support

delivery and installation

Delivery and Installation

flexible rental period

Flexible Rental Period

high quality devices

High Quality Devices

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What Our Happy

Choosing iPad Hire for our event was a game-changer. The iPad stand rental was sleek, modern, and incredibly easy to set up. Our attendees loved the interactive experience, and it added a professional touch to our event. The team at iPad Hire made the whole process seamless. We'll definitely be working with them for our future events.

We opted for iPad Hire's kiosk rental for our product launch event, and it was a brilliant decision. The kiosks were a showstopper, enhancing our product displays and engaging our visitors effortlessly. The team was responsive and attentive to our specific needs. Renting from iPad Hire significantly impacted our event's success, and our guests were thoroughly impressed.

I attended an event where iPad Hire had supplied the stands, and I was genuinely impressed. The iPads were displayed elegantly, making it easy for me to interact with the event's content. It added a modern and tech-savvy feel to the entire event. I'm considering using iPad Hire for my upcoming event because of my fantastic experience as an attendee.


Frequently Asked Question

We have tried to answer all our customers’ queries. If you have more concerns, you can contact our team of experts; they will guide you 

Absolutely! iPad Hire is fully ready to provide iPad stands for a short time in the UK. We are  in terms of duration you require, whether it’s just for a day, a week, or even a month. You have the freedom  to select what works best for your event. 

While diligently inspect all our equipment  before delivering it to you for your UK event, unforseen issues can occasionally arise.. However,rest assured, Our team of experts is always prepared to promptly ssist you if any technical problem occur. We’ll be on-site to address and resolve any technical problems. Making sure your event goes well and your satisfaction is  our top priority.. 

There are no minimum time requiremnets when renting  with us in the UK. You have the flexibility to rent an iPad stand for just a day or for however long your event needs. And if your needs change and you require it for a longer period than initially planned, simply inform us and we’ll accomodate your request.

We proudly serve businesses worldwide, operating in over 60 countries. Our mission is to assist companies with their technology needs regardless of their location We provide  24/7 customer support and technical staffing to accommodate your requirements no matter where you are. 

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