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The Strategic Guide to Use iPad Hire for Your Business Events

The Strategic Guide to Use iPad Hire for Your Business Events

We are all well aware of how quickly technology has spread over the globe and transformed business tactics. It has also significantly altered how we communicate in our corporate sector. Businesses that have not yet adopted technology are falling behind. One of the most common technological devices that is getting appreciation in the market is the iPad. 

With the advent of the iPad, technology has changed how businesses conduct business and how they organise and host events. The utilisation of this gadget has optimised enterprises to a completely new plane of operation. In June 2023, the iPad had 53% share of the global business market, more than laptops and PCs.  

Read more to learn about the best usage of iPad hire for business events. 

7 Ways to Use iPad Hire for Your Business Events 

The significant component of a business event is determining the use of appropriate technology. When it comes to using the latest technology, buying updated devices is not a cost-effective option. The best option is to rent an iPad or tablet, which allows you to provide portable screens for your guests and employees. It can be used during the whole event without paying extra money that could affect your expenses.  

iPads can be used for a wide range of business applications, including product information display, marketing campaigns, customer data collection, and registration facilities. Here are some of the important uses of iPad hire in corporate functions: 

The Sales Clip 

One of the best ways to use iPads in your business events is to play a pre-recorded sales reel on multiple iPad kiosks. It will highlight the important company information about your products and services. iPads can also be connected to bigger wall-mounted TV screens using simple streaming services like Vimeo or YouTube or direct access to your website. 

Live Image Frames 

Live visuals and interactive photography may make your event full of life. iPads showing visuals like photos in frames can add dynamic colour and vibrancy to a basic background wall. 

The Live Frame app on iPads is perfect for use because it allows you to display your photographs as a rotating carousel. Live Frame differs from PowerPoint presentations in that it can stream content from social networking platforms. Help play images from cloud services like Dropbox and Google Photos.  

Display cloud  

Real-time social media updates or consumer reviews can be shown on your booth with the help of iPads. You can display a wide range of content on Screencloud, including countdowns, sports scores, RSS feeds, Twitter, Yelp reviews, and more. 

Eco-Friendly Resolution 

The iPad event app is considerably more environmentally friendly than outdated paper pamphlets or contact forms. iPads are a great way to attract guests since they provide digital brochures, marketing materials, and sales information in a clear and concise manner. PDFs also function flawlessly on screen. Any papers or information can be viewed on a screen by simply pressing a button. 

Easy Check-Ins 

iPads are a great tool for conference and event delegates to check-in. Not only are they all connected, and allow for real-time registration. But it is an ideal means of gathering any extra delegate information. It will help you get in touch with participants after the event. 

Detailed Research Record 

Make a customised questionnaire for your staff for the upcoming show or event. They will include as many questions as necessary and be customised to match the logo of your business.  

Clients can easily access their content through iPads, which is promptly recorded and submitted to an extensive data report. 

Real-time Q&A 

Attendees at conferences and meetings can use iPads to examine slides up close. It will help them participate in interactive polls and submit questions for a panel. This is also perfect for hybrid events, as attendees may respond concurrently both online and in person. For this format, Slido is an excellent application. It offers post-event analytics that you can examine and make use of. 


Renting iPads, A Complete Professional Solution 

Renting iPads for corporate use is one of the smart choices because they are dependable, reasonably priced, and require little administrative work. It brings your business forward in the digital race. The iPad rental for your events can exhibit professionalism and support a well-organised event. Here are some of the professional aspects of iPad hire for business events: 

  1. It provides quick access to the internet during the event. The ability to easily display Word, Excel, or PowerPoint presentation papers on the screen for guests. 

  1. It shows that your company is using updated technology in every event. This aspect increases your brand visibility with competitors. 

  1. These days, even for larger companies with bigger expenditures. The technology equipment might become outdated very quickly. By renting iPads, you can stay up to date with the latest hardware, software, and apps without having to worry about replacing old devices with new ones.  

Final Thoughts 

Renting iPads for business events provides an excellent and potential substitute for buying one. It provides a clear, transparent budgeting process, an optimal return on investment, and a reasonable option for a single fixed charge. Ensure your event succeeds by including iPad rental in your agenda. It is helpful to track the audience participation and growth target. The growth track ensures optimal use of the data and outcomes obtained with iPad rental. 

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